About Us:

Ground Force International is a Wholesaler and Importer specialising in high-quality Night Vision, Thermal Imaging, Optics, and Accessories for the Firearms Industry

We are after a dynamic and multi-talented person to undertake the marketing efforts for our wholesale and import business

The ideal person will have experience in marketing and graphic design. A unique individual able to plan, execute, manage, report, and continuously improve our marketing activities

Fast-paced, progressive business requires your help. Our team is looking for a multi-talented Marketing Genius

This role can be undertaken as a flexible, office, or remote based position or done from wherever you find your inspiration……

Training will need to be undertaken at our office for 2-3 weeks depending on the experience of the person and it is preferable that weekly meetings are attended in person at our office (currently Springfield QLD).

Role Responsibilities:

Activities range from…
● Developing a marketing plan
● Market and product research
● Graphic Design
● Photography, Videography, and editing skills
● Social media management
● Assisting our dealers with marketing and content creation
● Organising and attending shows
● Website management and content creation (WordPress)
● Reporting and KPI’s

Key Selection Criteria:

Working with us is definitely not for everyone. We're on a mission to become a world leader in the creation and supply of outdoor products that provide valued solutions for our customers, through innovation, efficiency, and operational excellence. This is no small feat and will only be possible with the right kind of team members.

And we're not just looking for skills and experience. Having shared values is just as important.


Here are some of ours:

✅ Live your Calling: We believe we all have a calling in life, we want to find ours and help you find yours, by doing what your passionate about, gifted at, and love doing then live it out loud, and help others do the same. “I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received”  Eph 4:1

✅ Love: We believe in treating others the way we want to be treated with respect dignity and Love

✅ Be wrong and own the problem: Problems will NEVER EVER go away. New solutions even lead to new problems. But unless we can first see and admit that there's a problem and own it and take responsibility, we can't even begin to solve it.

✅ Hungry to learn, grow and innovate: Staying still is just as bad as moving backwards. Staying curious and always seeking to learn, grow and improve is the surest way to create a big future.

✅ Manage systems over people: If there's a problem - first look at the system instead of blaming others. How could we fix the issue at the root by modifying or improving our systems? “A bad system will beat a good person every time” Edwards Deming

✅ We serve: Why does a business exist in the first place? Customers give us money in exchange for us solving their problems, the bigger the problem, the bigger the reward. At the very heart of this is our ability to serve.

✅ Win-Win: Good business is defined by fair and equitable trade between parties, we believe in providing win-win deals for our customers, team, and entire supply chain.

✅ Continues Improvement: We share a commitment towards continuous small improvements so that we can make our tomorrows better than our todays.


Who this is NOT for:

❌ If you don't like shooting, hunting, firearms, and the outdoors

❌ If you don't do technology

❌ If you are not a can do person with a positive attitude

❌ If you don't like solving problems and working independently

❌ If you can’t focus on the tasks required to achieve the Goals / KPI’s

❌ If you're easily offended

❌ If you take no for an answer and give up easily

❌ you're obsessed by Perfection (perfection does not exist)

❌ If you don't enjoy working with others as part of a team

❌ If you can’t follow processes, policies, and directions

❌ If you are scared of change and getting out of your comfort zone and continues improvement (we love constant change and improvement)


WOW! If you got this far and think this is for you, and your one of the weird people who think you or someone you know will fit into with our unique team and “want to live a life worthy of the calling you have received” ……. then we encourage you to take the next step and apply!


We need someone who has:
• Min 2 years’ experience in a similar role
• Qualifications in Graphic Design, Marketing, Business, or similar (or studying)
• Has a passion for the outdoors and hunting (preferable)
• Adobe suit of photo, video, and graphic design (or similar)
• Is Tech savvy with electronic devices, use of smart phones, MS office, video conferencing Microsoft office, in particular Word, Excel, PowerPoint and outlook, (Access an advantage)
• English Language — Advanced Knowledge of the structure and content of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar
• Other skills language, technical writing, training, product development or any weird or wonderful skill you may have would be an advantage


Please apply via Seek ad: https://www.seek.com.au/job/59764499